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Creative services

I've composed in many styles to satisify a wide variety of clients in film, commercials, and CD projects. My background in live performance, arranging, orchestration and music software all come into play to create the custom sound a client is searching for.

Customized to your taste and project. Multiple styles.

Arranging and Orchestration:
Add horns, woodwinds and/or strings. Tighten and flesh out rhythm sections.

Pre and Post Production:
Work out arrangements before they are recorded. Edit, sound design, mix and master after recording.

Personal studio for voice and/or a few instruments. No drums. I can refer clients to studios for larger rooms/live drums.

Notation services:
Transcribing and creating charts.

I often work with a client from their composition idea to finished product, guiding as needed from pre-production to final mix/master.





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